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In comments to the previous contrast awarded focusing on how many stars to a product in particular, this review will focus on the characteristics of each product. We will deal with users to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each product assigned to and it will contain links in the foresight in addition to information on each product. There are a number of differences between the application and the software is designed to meet the needs of very different. Some interesting points of each individual item contains:. Many applications sync files in the directories of local servers in the cloud (or vice versa) as a backup through integration with the internal database in Windows server of the user's Organization (for example, Active Directory). Other applications such as Citrix or ShareFile SmartVault one with a wide range of solutions, but they work with less deep integration, you get solutions specifically based on an extremely high level of interoperability. Finally, Ziptr is a secure messaging application, which prosystem fx portal can be used to transmit messages and also encrypted files to save a copy of the encrypted information displayed in the user store. Detailed ObservationsProSystem fx-Portal is the integrated offering, which is part of the suite of the CCH Prosystems fx. It is the service center operated by dedicated hosting within the layer of data (currently available 1, 2 SOC SOC in the process) IV checked externally in the Midwest u. S new customer will receive an email with a link to the portal as their credentials, which are generated by the system. Files can be individually or loaded using the drag and drop operation in a Silverlight-compatible browser. Users can be notified by e-mail or by notices, if a file loaded and unloaded, and that records of the system, the files are close to their expiration date and do not have a customer has accessed. E-mail notification templates are customizable and can be modified for language contain a specific study and the brand as a follow-up of system data as a file expiration date. The product contains a search by keyword, which allows users, looking for the e-mail address of the user of the portal, as well as searching for words in files in the shared scope. Integration with some applications of CCH is impressive and includes the following:. A client connection tool lot allows users Prosystems fx overall tax and commitment Prosystems fx fx these products to combine commitments to customer portals. Once connected, you can publish the taxes declarations and documents of work directly in a portal. Performed a series of reports on the activities and the portals of adjustments with document Prosystems fx as well as users of the portal. The portal offers an intuitive interface with the client in a box next to a tree view of the folder that Windows Explorer called the portal selected. Latest additions, cancellations of events are listed in the field of cooperation in the right part of the screen. Also, users can view and a search box that appears at the top of the screen. The product provides integration with some (legacy) applications of the Foundation, as the full range of products from small firm services not CCH, but there are tools that can be used to circumvent the restrictions. Users should check and adjust the necessary settings before the implementation of the overall study. Overview & fx PricingProSystem-Portal is a good choice for many companies, especially those that are subsequently Prosystems fx applications running. Plans start at $630 per year ($52-50/month) and,.